Planet 3 Publishing

We are delighted to be appointed by the board of Planet 3 to help them with a significant restructuring of the business, which has led them into this year being able to focus on their major opportunities with partworks, with their partner De Agostini.

We worked with a number of companies, including German and French printing companies, to secure funding for the business. With the aid of the Bank of Scotland we completed the transaction last year.

The company has recently launched its’ “British Steam Railways and how they shaped our history” partworkbwhich has had extensive coverage on TV.

 This product consists of a magazine and DVD or VHS tape which is available weekly and builds up into a thorough complete collection for the British Steam connoisseur.

Some of the better known products from Planet 3 are the Agatha Christie and Catherine Cookson collections.

Our role has now changed to help them secure a long-term partner to develop the business further.

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