We are pleased to announce a new product from the company - TIDON Mobile Workflow.

This provides visibility & control over field operations.          

Many businesses have field operatives to manage. They may be involved in inspecting & reporting, tracking and testing, installations, maintenance services, emergency repairs, or general logistics. Keeping a close eye on what is going on in the field can be challenging, costly and yet critical.

Armed with complete, real-time visibility over all of your field operations, TIDON Mobile Workflow will alleviate this problem and deliver a new level of control.

Business Benefits - become best of breed

With TIDON Mobile Workflow, you can increase revenue, whilst decreasing operational costs - improving your profitability.

TIDON allows you to manage the activity of field operatives in real time so that you can assure that tasks are completed when due, according to the correct procedure and recorded within a secure audit trail.

Whether for reducing invoice times, ensuring industry standards compliance, training purposes, or simply just for better management, TIDON yields a fast return on investment.

The business benefits that come hand-in-hand with the solution will increase your overall business performance and competitive advantage.

TIDON Mobile Workflow has been developed to provide a complete solution to organisations who face the challenge of managing a large number of field operatives. It's unique functionality and capabilities yield a fast return on investment.

Allied powers is working with IEA to realise the full potential of this established engineering information technology business.

One significant area is in new solutions for old problems and it is this Research and Development that has resulted in the V5 Waste Management System, a new generation of product and service for the water industry.

The challenges faced by the water industry with regard to Duty of Care and Site Licence requirements are fundamental to the development of V5, a product which enables the accurate logging and analysis of waste water.

The company maintains a high emphasis on it’s friendly and approachable business ethic. Accredited to ISO-9002 they work to strict standards and provide a high level of customer support.

IEA’s Site Support Department can remotely monitor each V5 installation enabling quick response thereby significantly improving site integrity as a consequence. In addition the system allows for the management and control of complete multi-site installations from anywhere in the country as well as the information needed for multiple tier charging.

The success of the new Logging System is helped by complete acceptance from the tanker contractors who like the simple screen menu operation and the proximity cards which allow ease of operation.

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