Grid Xitek

Allied Powers is pleased to confirm the appointment to help the business development of GX Design Engineers.

Following our appointment to the company we have been working with them to help reorganise the business and develop the sales and marketing aspects of the organisation.

We have appointed a new board as the first step towards the future and taken on a Chairman and Non-Executive Director.

We have undertaken a financial review and prepared an information memorandum for the business managers.

Work is well underway on achieving ISO 9002 status and a new company handbook, as well as revised terms and conditions of employment being prepared and issued.>

We appointed a sales and marketing expert who has devised, in accordance with the company, a new strategy for customer prospecting and care that will lead to better service and support for the clients.

The company was founded in 1995 and operates out of The Mayfield in Usk which, for design work, is about the best possible location for concentrating the mind as it is in such a wonderful environment.

The company has produced some amazing products for famous names such as Bayer, British Airways, Tesco, Asda and The Post Office, as well as many others, many of these products are used on a daily basis in business and in the home, but like many good designs you will probably not know where they originated.

Allied Powers is helping the company in becoming a major player in the design engineering field.

The team is young and enthusiastic and is likely to become a name that more and more people will recognise as work for the big players in the automotive, medical, and consumer product arenas eventually hits the market place.

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