The Electric Software Company


Small Company Outsourcing Announced

The Electric Software company has introduced effective small company outsourcing. 

In effect Esco takes on the existing staff whilst taking over responsibility for the day to day IT operations and future development of the organisation.

Lucy Read said: “This is a service that larger companies have had the benefits of for some time - we are able to bring this within reach of the small to medium sized company. There is significant interest in having the right skills available at each stage of development in organisations where the management of IT is an issue”.

The Electric Software Company buys Software Communications Solutions

The deal provides the Electric Software Company with significant software developed for the communications market. This includes software for Faxing, Data Communications, Viewdata and Satellite Communications.

Traditionally the Electric Software Company has specialised in conversions and outsourcing small to medium systems and this deal provides a basis for a number of products to be developed.

The company is based in East Sussex and provides support and services to a wide range of customers in London and the South East.

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