Kenson Network Engineering

KensonNetwork Engineering

Allied Powers is pleased to confirm that Kenson and Network 24, a sister company, were both sold to a technology group.

David Cuthbertson and his wife Helen were delighted with the results of the business development work that Allied Powers had done for Kenson.

Following on from the detailed work with the company, whereby a strategy was developed and management strengthened, the business was well placed in the market to attract an investor.

As part of the role Allied Powers researched the market and worked with David and Helen on a select number of opportunities that could be introduced to help move the business forward as part of a larger grouping.

A successful candidate was found through venture capital contacts and the businesses met earlier in the year where a deal in principle was established.

That done, the work of due diligence was significantly helped with a memorandum of information created by the company to speed up the process which, from start to a successful transaction, was around eight months.

After a short period where David  helped the new group establish itself in the business he has now left and pursuing general consultancy work in a new business area.  The transaction has helped David and Helen achieve the goals they set out to achieve when they originally set up their business.  They remain in the Cotswolds where they are enjoying the benefits associated with their new work life balance.


KensonNetwork Engineering

Allied Powers is pleased to confirm being appointed to help with the business development of Kenson Network Engineering.

Since being founded in 1989 by David Cuthbertson, developing excellence in the difficult area of network support, has been at the core of Kenson's business strategy. With an initial focus on troubleshooting distributed LAN networks, Kenson has grown and innovated new techniques and methodologies to meet the ever more increasing reliance on networks for IT service delivery. 

Kenson's business is split into two distinct parts, the large corporate end user and support companies, such as outsourcing firms or systems integrators. Over 1200 companies have benefitted from using Kenson support products and services.

The style of services has evolved from identifying network problems to assisting in defining and implementing best practices.

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